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Feature Date: 7/9/2012
Feature State: VA
Feature Title: 2012-13 PBL National Officers Announced
Feature Summary: Congratulations to the new PBL National Officers elected on June 27 in San Antonio, TX.
Leader Feature: (L-R: Bryan Poulsen, Stephanie Boardman, Amrutha Sridhar, Brett Harris, Donnie Iorio, Shuyun Xue, Amber Kutnink, Peter Raun, and Jessica Burger)

National President Donnie Iorio
National Secretary Shuyun Xue
National Treasurer Brett Harris
National Parliamentarian Amber Kutnink
Eastern Region VP Amrutha Sridhar
Mountain Plains Region VP Peter Raun
North Central Plains Region VP Stephanie Boardman
Southern Region VP Jessica Burger
Western Region VP Bryan Poulsen